The Instructions by Adam Levin

I enjoyed this a great deal. Not so much the big ideas, but rather the little things. Particular sentences or passages. Phrases like "Harpo progression", "hyperscoot", and "Slokum Dies Friday". Elaborate setups around impressing a girl could go on for ten or more pages and I loved them.

I knew going in that the book was nearly 1,100 pages long, but at around 800 pages in I was doing that Chevy Chase head-bob move at the Grand Canyon in "Vacation". I kept thinking, "Let's get on with it already," so I rushed through 100 pages or so to get to the concluding 100 pages, which were both frustrating and exhilerating.

I had trouble getting over the fact that no 10-year-old kid in history has ever talked like Gurion, even if he is (maybe) a messiah. I would have given "The Instructions" 5 stars if it were 300 pages shorter and if the kid wasn't such an asshole.