My RudimentaryLathe wiki, built using TiddlyWiki, has weathered my whims, direction changes, and general flakiness for quite a long time now. One can't predict the future, but it looks like it'll be sticking around. If it doesn't, it's likely to be due to one of the following:

Roam. I'm often tempted to maintain a public Roam database instead. So far I don't feel like it's a suitable replacement but who knows. If there is ever a good way to cross-link between public and private databases this could change.

Org-roam. The battle between Org-roam and "real" Roam for my personal (private) database is ongoing. At the moment, real Roam is ahead by a nose. On the other hand, it would be easy to add a couple headers to specific org files in my org-roam database and export them to Hugo-compatible markdown and publish them. This would be my preference, but Roam is just too good at some important things and I really don't want to use both long term.

Something new by Dave Winer. My wiki has become less wiki-like and more blog-like over time. I like adding a new tiddler each day and simply adding to it as I go. Winer's tools have often made working like this easy. I'm not expecting to see anything new, but won't be able to ignore it if I do. Still, I question his willingness to maintain or support anything long term so it's a longshot to begin with.

Consolidation. One thing that I dream of but never see is consolidation of my online "stuff" into a single location. I suppose it would be possible to put everything into TiddlyWiki and be done with it, but that feels unlikely. I'm built for blogs and TiddlyWiki is only pretending to be a blog for me. It's more likely that I'd put everything here at or similar.

If my public wiki remains a sort of microblog as it is today, I don't see it moving from TiddlyWiki. On the other hand, if Roam consumes my world it could go that way.