I often feel I need a separate blog for photos and topics related to photography. To satisfy that need, I had created copingmechanism.com.

There are different design/UX requirements when displaying photos vs displaying mostly text. I thought those differences justifed keeping a separate site/blog just for photography. I'm no longer sure that's enough.

I've stopped worrying about it.

Keeping multiple blogs can be fun when I feel like tinkering, but it's less so when I simply want to write more posts. I have to think about stats and backups and themes and feeds and on and on for each site I commit to, and I'm feeling too tired for all that.

So, I've imported the content from copingmechanism.com and will no longer be posting there. I briefly considered changing jack.baty.net to use the copingmechanism.com domain instead, but I don't have the energy for that right now.

I hope you don't mind that things will become even more haphazard around here.