This whole "The iPad isn't a real computer! Yes it is! No it isn't..." debate is tiresome, but while we're here I'd like to go on the record as firmly in the camp of the iPad not being a suitable computer...for me. You do you, though, of course.

I hate doing nearly anything with text on an iPad. Manipulating text is what I do most of the time on a computer, and I've yet to see anyone using an iPad who can  come close to manipulating text among numerous apps as easily as I can on my Mac. Maybe it's possible, but I haven't seen it.

So, for me, the iPad isn't suitable as a primary device. I love it for secondary tasks, though.

The contortions we put ourselves through while defending our positions are such a waste of energy.

Ben Brooks responding to Gruber's comment about the iPad:


Ten years later, though, I don’t think the iPad has come close to living up to its potential.


...I see that as a good thing. I’d hate to use a device where I felt it has reached it’s full potential because that means I am using something outdated

Now there's a "Mind boggling defense".