I've been picking at the project of scanning and documenting my grandfather's films for years. It's slow going, but I don't mind because there's no need to rush through them.

Grandpa was excessively organized. I am not. I had cans of film spread out all over the room. There were stacks of 8mm, Super8, and 16mm reels in what seemed like no particular order. My notes were scattered and incomplete. What started as a "system" had devolved into chaos.

Today I had nothing better to do so I gathered everything and organized it how I  thought my grandfather would have. He numbered everything, based on date and format, so that's how I placed the films in his homemade cabinet. The photo above shows his cabinet as clean as it's every been, at least while under my care. From now on I'm going to take one film out at a time, scan it, log it, and put it back.

The Grand Rapids Amateur Movie Club films are sort of collected here: